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  • Matt Mory on 20 Jun 12:47

    I always thought girls hated it because it hurt so much

  • vedit on 09 Jun 10:19


  • TesudoBH on 04 Jun 13:01


  • Guenter on 19 May 19:27

    Bin mal gepsannt

  • mag on 06 May 04:18

    I don't want no cock in my ass & don't wanna shove my cock in my woman's ass. I don't want shit on my dick!

  • carsten on 16 Apr 23:19

    extra vagant

  • Andrei on 04 Apr 03:53

    Alright, we're getting carried away. Yes, when a medical doctor stuck his finger into my rear end and pushed my prostate, this resulted in an erection, but an anus is not meant for penetration :(

  • bernard on 01 Mar 20:12


  • Neil on 01 Mar 06:38

    I like big tits

  • Sophie on 14 Feb 04:45

    Anal all the way. I've got pleasure areas in that area you couldn't believe!

  • Julien on 10 Feb 12:16

    Tout à fait d'accord ! Ma compagne nous le fait pratiquer de temps en temps, Mais alors que cela m'excite beaucoup dans les Porno, Je n'aime pas trop ça en réel... Peut être pas assez de maitrise technique... I agree with you! My girlfriend want anal sometimes, That excite me in porn movies, But not too much in real life... Maybe I have to do more ans more... Tank you for this website... Maybe one day in french...........

  • Beast on 28 Jan 04:15

    I am straight male and like giving anal sex if a female wants it. I really enjoy a female playing and penetrating my a**, the felling can be intense and definitely can lead to big orgasms. Once I had a gf giving oral with some anal penetration play and I came so hard I literally thought I was going to pass out! It's awesome.

  • MyPseudosAre... on 14 Jan 00:03

    Men have a prostate and imagine their girlfriend has one too, and the pleasure that comes with... There's also a feeling of domination... and a tighter hole too... If she asks, if she wants, okay !!

  • Ivonne on 11 Jan 16:09

    BTW I've met gay men that don't like anal sex. Meaning they like to penetrate not get penetrated. Oh and that goes for giving head too, the gay men that I've met say it's just as uncomfortable as it is for women to have semen in your mouth. I guess you have to be willing to please your partner.

  • Ivonne on 11 Jan 16:04

    This site should be more publicized! I love it! You know most of my women relatives won't ever even try anal sex because duh it's painful! You need to be very pain tolerant! I ask my husband that because on occasion he asks for this and I'm ok with it sometimes but it's the worst thing! I let him know this, and say let me buy a dildo and stick it in you see how you like it!?

  • Jack on 09 Jan 02:47

    It is called Pegging, get with it website!

  • folken on 09 Jan 00:51

    Most men would like anal stimulation if they weren't taught that its gay or dirty.

  • Todd on 08 Jan 17:44

    no thanks.

  • Petar on 01 Jan 11:16


  • luke cook on 01 Jan 05:22

    I watched a show about this site and hope it's legit.

  • Kay on 27 Dec 02:32

    This comment sounds heteronormative and rather homophobic. Is this whole site for straight M/F sex interested people only?

  • Jac on 21 Dec 11:55

    Heard it on RNZ

  • christopher h on 16 Dec 07:17

    Im a guy, that just does not like anal sex. Recieving or giving. I can not get over the thoughts of having my dick soiled. Nor do i like putting my mouth on the anus. I would prefer to keep myself clean from a woman's anus.

  • Joao on 14 Dec 09:38


  • zak on 12 Dec 23:52


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