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  • J on 24 Oct 19:51

    I was shocked to find out recently that Anal prolapse porn is a thing! And there are men that watch and I assume masterbate to it! It is truly mind boggling that it has come it this. Porn induced ED is a result from masterbating to hard core porn too often and is real thing. Never before have we seen the numbers of young males dealing with ED. At least as individuals we can chose how we live and experience our lives because after learning about the porn world more and more, I am going to conscientiously live my life "naturally" and now I know I will need a partner with the same values... That may be the sticky part now

  • h1266913 on 18 Oct 23:17


  • Pgh Jim on 03 Oct 12:49

    I agree with Dafney. The thought of anal sex is more stimulating than the act for me. However, rimming during oral sex is great for both sexes. Never pressure a woman in to having anal intercourse.

  • Dafney on 03 Oct 03:53

    Anal play is delightful, but take it too far and it is painful, face it the anis was meant for exit NOT entry and when true entry happens, ouch!

  • majemaje on 28 Sep 19:48


  • jim on 28 Sep 11:58

    My experience has been that some women report their best, most intense from anal sex. One explanation for that intensity is the fact that there's only a thin membrane separating the vaginal and anal canals and the man's thrusting cock can create intense pleasure for the woman by stimulating her urethra in the ceiling of her vagina resulting in stimulation of two nural pathways at the same time.

  • babybill on 18 Sep 12:12

    Wow ... some really uninformed/uneducated opinions about anal sex posted here. Look at the size of your bowel movements, and if something that size is coming OUT of your rear on a regular basis, a penis of comparable size going IN isn't going to stretch it out

  • Dennis on 13 Sep 20:52

    Well me myself I have never had a cock in my ass, but I do like anal play, giving and receiving, my wife does like to use toys on me and I love it. Next step is to get is to get her a strapon. She does let me fuck her in the ass sometimes, but she likes her ass rimmed during oral sex. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to let a guy fuck me in the ass.

  • damn.vixen on 12 Sep 19:13

    Wow ... some really uninformed/uneducated opinions about anal sex posted here. Look at the size of your bowel movements, and if something that size is coming OUT of your rear on a regular basis, a penis of comparable size going IN isn't going to stretch it out, damage it, or hurt you if you use lubricant and go slowly enough to allow the muscles to relax. Insertion can cause a burning sensation, and a little trick is to use your hands to spread the ass-cheeks apart ... and the burning stops. Anal can provide much more intense, easier to achieve orgasms in women (with clitoral stimulation or simultaneous vaginal penetration with fingers and a toy) and there's a reason GAY men like it too ... if straight guys can get over their homophobia. An enema or soapy finger in the shower to ensure you are clean inside ... eliminates any worry about it being messy. It's really NOT a big deal folks.

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  • Muhamed on 28 Aug 19:02

    Nice page

  • Steve Van Denover on 28 Aug 06:29


  • Steve Van Denover on 28 Aug 06:28

    Hello for fun

  • LALALA on 25 Aug 17:37


  • Kobalt Bleu on 24 Aug 21:39

    Besides, because of the prostate, it is different for men than it is for women. It isn't that women don't "get anything out of it" - they just experience it differently.

  • simon on 17 Aug 18:22


  • Dreamcatcher on 09 Aug 07:44

    I am a producer in the adult video industry in Miami. Boys and girls, please don't just jump into it... take your time, and you will both enjoy it... Ladies, don't think for one second your body will be deformed because of the simple fact of having anal sex. Think of it this way. Because of a woman giving birth to a beautiful child her feminine private are no longer the same? Wrong!!! You would be surprised what a body can do without any mess or discomfort... If you have any questions feel free to ask. Have fun, enjoy, respect! Stephan

  • MssKitten on 05 Aug 07:37

    My boyfriend loves, loves, loves my ass. he wants to one day do anal with me. I think I need a ring first, lol. Actually he has started tonguing me down there and putting his finger in there during doggy style sex and I am starting to like it. but baby steps please.

  • Nikole on 18 Jul 07:18

    I do like it here and there. I find myself into it while having passionate intense sex and starting off with fingers, then moving into a toy and then finally the slow, well well well lubed entry. Which is then followed by harder thrusting. I think slow hurt's. I can come from rear entry. With that said I am always thinking of the future and I do not want a nasty boared out asshole like most porn stars. Seriously, I was watching Bonnie Rotten and as she was squirting everywhere you could see her insides coming out of her butt... So not often at all and the key is to be sooo relaxed

  • Dave on 18 Jul 06:55


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  • Paul on 21 Jun 05:05

    Hi .i would like to join make love not porn

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