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  • Vinson W on 11 May 16:31

    Never have anal sex cause it is so disgustingļ¼Œeven my girlfriend asked me to try.

  • NopeNope on 24 Apr 07:08

    'Both of you do' vs 'Both you don't' is quite different than 'One of you does' and 'One of you doesn't'. Wouldn't you agree?

  • K on 02 Apr 02:09

    Anal is only painful if done incorrectly, though it can be uncomfortable at first, it can definitely better your sex life if sprinkled in at the right times. I know I hate period sex, but I love making my boy happy and I love orgasms, and anal lets you do both without the mess. However, make sure you both trust one another and be very aware of each sensation and COMMUNICATE. It can be painful if you don't relax and trust one another. Oh, and lube. Lube forever.

  • xolani on 31 Mar 12:15

    I do not do anal sex because its a door step closer to homosexuality. When I am with a woman, I want to enjoy her because She has something that I cant find in a male.

  • JIN QI WANG on 29 Mar 04:58

    I love it.making love make me happy and know what life is!

  • Lily on 13 Mar 08:54

    I hate this so much... I talk about this with my male friends to and many of them seem to view it as some kind of achievement/end-goal to pressure women into anal sex when they aren't that into the idea. If a woman seems reluctant, don't be a jerk. If you let it go maybe she'll at least have some time to think about it and will consider trying it with you at a later date, but it should be in her own time and of her own free will. To whoever said this is heteronormative - no it isn't. Men have prostates and women don't, so while some women do like anal sex, it should be understood that gay anal sex is completely different to hetero anal sex, and much more likely to bring pleasure to both parties. This is an important distinction that needs to be drawn.

  • tato on 11 Mar 22:36

    Hola gente que disfruta del sexo

  • MM on 28 Feb 14:19

    Anal sex is portrayed so differently than it actually is! Noone in porn shows you that you have to apply excessive amounts of lube, that it can be painful, and that without enema beforehand you are left with a massive mess. Yes, it can be pleasurable, but there's too much fuss before it.

  • ATS on 23 Feb 14:12

    Ermm, never tried it bt i knw its hurting..secondly i fear it wud reduce my interest in normal sex :(

  • Whoareyou on 19 Feb 16:08

    First I rimm her ass and therefore I penetrate her backhole, we love each other !

  • simone on 18 Feb 16:57


  • Natasha on 15 Feb 02:59

    Experimenting with your own ass first is excellent advice, for men and women, tops and bottoms. It's important to know what it feels like for the person being penetrated, so that you don't try push them farther than they are physically or mentally/emotionally ready to go. It also helps you help them adjust to anal sex. As someone who has had experience with anal sex, you can help them by telling them when to push out and relax their muscles to ease entry and decrease pain. It's also a great idea for the bottom to explore their own ass first, because then there's less anxiety about anal sex with a partner, because you've don't it before; you also know what your limits are and already have strategies/positions at your disposable to use when your ready to have anal sex with a partner.

  • Natasha on 15 Feb 02:48

    Some folks have commented that the statement above is heteronormative, I think they may not have come across gay men or straight men that like "dude sex," who are always the top and never the bottom, because they also don't like the idea of a cock up their ass. Personally, I think they don't like the idea because they're afraid of pain, don't trust their partner, think the back door is inherently dirty, are afraid of not upholding masculinity/femininity, etc., but all of those ideas can be overcome. Another commenter said anal sex sounded too mechanical, because of all the preparation involved, to be loving, spontaneous, etc., but I would say that many folks who enjoy anal sex (top and bottom), like exploring their partners body, having their body explored, a little sensual pain/tightness, pushing their sexual boundaries, and exploring their physical limits; view the "preparation" as foreplay, because that part is fun too ;)

  • Wildrod on 30 Jan 23:43

    Very interesting question. 10 years ago I would have been disgusted with the idea of giving or receiving anal sex, but with knowledge and an open mind my partner and I explored both. There is a great deal to learn about trying it, communication, honesty, cleanliness, arousal, lubrication, how to enter, rhythm, physiology and excitement. The results can be amazing for both of you. Men should learn about prostate massage, its importance and pleasure. It will heighten your sexual pleasure immensely as well as your partners'.You will become closer to your partner and understand the experience your partner is going through. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. It can be an incredible experience but you must be in a strong and loving relationship to fully appreciate it. It is not about abuse. Keep an open mind. There is much to learn about love and sex.

  • Lapi on 29 Jan 16:42

    jekr, I know what you mean by some (usually) bisexual guys want to be penetrated as well. I am a bisexual girl and I did penetrate my ex-boyfriend (who was bisexual) and wouldn't mind penetrating my current boyfriend as well, but he doesn't want to try (he is totally straight and even a thought of homosexual sex makes him not feel well). Eventhough penetrating someone is arousing for me, I don't mind not doing it, if he doesn't want to. And here is the BIG difference between men and women and our sex education: My current boyfriend tries to penetrate me in my ass from time to time and it doesn't go well (I'm not a fan of being penetrated), but if I tell him it is totally the same for me as it is for him, he doesn't understand.

  • ann anonymous on 28 Jan 00:12

    Yeah, I think a lot of men posting here under fake female names. It's not just porn that's guilty of this. I am shocked at how often cable shows portray women as wanting penetration after zero foreplay. Zero. Sorry, unless a man has a tiny penis, that's going to hurt. It's not pleasurable. To try to just climb on and stick it in when a woman is not ready is rape, no matter which orifice you're aiming for.

  • cody russell on 19 Jan 10:20

    this is way anal in not on my to do list, the women has to understand that im not gay so anal is out of the way for me but if their willing to try it I don't mind but its not going up my ass

  • A Nonny Mouse on 22 Dec 14:11

    Hubby loves to be pegged and fisted. I hate both giving and receiving. It hurts to receive, since he is so into it that he rushes. I cannot stand to give it because it stinks and is NOT sex for me at all, just a bicep workout. UCK!!!

  • Jerry on 21 Dec 16:28

    It's kind of a disgusting idea to me. Never tried it, and don't think I ever would. If a woman has a perfectly good vagina, which is designed for sex, why use the anus, a totally different body office, which is designed for waste disposal?

  • grecy on 18 Dec 18:41

    I want to make movie . If any one in india so please gave the no and join the porn movie making. Girls r allowed so send the no will contect .

  • Cassy on 10 Dec 20:42

    I tried it once with a loving and trusted partner. It was the most awful and upsetting pain I've ever experienced, and made me never want to try again. So I'd say proceed with caution. As to other things anal (fingers etc), doesn't hurt but doesn't feel sexy; kinda like shitting in reverse. Of course everyone's different, but for me it just makes me want to stop having sex and go take a dump. Major mood kill.

  • Nostradormouse on 17 Nov 15:53

    Nothing can be experimented with until one's lady is very excited, post-coital, confident of your experience, and at a point where embarrassment would be somewhat redundant. I'm not aroused by the back passage, but a man's got to do what a man's got to do to get his partner off, and if you know she is a butt-girl, it seems almost rude not to take her she wants to be taken. An exploratory 69 where you do to someone what you want done to you can be revealing. It is a great trust exercise, although if your lover wants to be taken more roughly than you, you have to break the "do as you would be done by" link. It is the little things like offering a knuckle to grind on while you are going down. Deep tissue massage of the buttocks. You usually pick these things up by body language, and check them with conversation. If you do find a would be butt-girl, and you do it slowly gently and patiently using lots of silicone lubricant, the expression on their face defies description.

  • jesussuper on 15 Nov 05:13

    hi thanks for this

  • Jen Boi on 18 Oct 01:35

    Anal sex is an acquired taste. Not for the newly initiated to sex. Start small and see how it feels. From what I understand, most guys love a finger in their anus at the height of sex, but most are unwilling to ask for it. My point is, while it can be fun for many, nobody starts off pounding a penis-size anything up there. Use gloves and stay clean!

  • AnalLover on 03 Oct 07:21

    Anal sex can be very pleasurable to both men and women, if done properly. Both need to be willing and guy needs to be very patient, gentle and slow. As slow as the girl wants. Once the girl starts to enjoy and gets used to the pleasure than the guy can pick up speed. Two of the best position to try anal sex is girl on top, so that she can control the motion, depth and speed or sideways/spooning, because anus is most relaxed is that position. Go try Anal sex with correct partner and you will always need some anal loving

Displaying comments 1 - 25 of 267 in total