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  • Anna on 23 Apr 10:50

    NO! I agree with Paula (6th March).

  • Leaves on 20 Apr 04:15

    As a guy I wouldn't mind a little bit of butt stuff...

  • sasko on 16 Apr 21:02


  • nn on 15 Apr 06:45


  • pandatomi on 14 Apr 21:43


  • marcony on 14 Apr 19:21


  • zehem on 14 Apr 16:26


  • annasu on 12 Apr 05:48

    oh ,it is real

  • John on 10 Apr 23:54


  • zhaolong on 31 Mar 14:57


  • Magbeth on 17 Mar 17:20

    I find it embarrassing and worrying for obvious reasons!!

  • sue on 14 Mar 17:58

    My experience with my husband is that pegging, a dildoe attached to a harness worn by a woman and inserted into his anus to stimulate his prostate is pretty much a wonderful thing. I on the other hand do not want anal penetration...... Yet.

  • Lani on 13 Mar 17:08

    Anal, when done well and when she's into it, can be extremely pleasurable for her. Most of all, like all sex acts, it's best when there's a lot of communication, mutual respect, mutual goal of pleasing each other, no pressure to do what you don't like, and lots of lubrication. It really can give/help with a fantastic orgasm for her. Trust me, when the mood, it's amazing!

  • paula on 06 Mar 06:26

    The anus is the sewer pipe of the human body. It was NOT ever meant for penetration. E.coli, which sickens and kills people if it gets into the food chain, lives there! You could have Clorox enemas for 2 days and it still ain't a fit place for man nor beast. The anus gets microtears when it is penetrated. Why do you think AIDS travelled so quickly in the gay community in the 80's? Anal sex! And "rimming" or licking it...are you kidding me? Would you sit down to a heaping plate of poop? Well that's what your doing every time you go there. Eeeuwww!!! And unlike the vagina, which has stretchable tissue, you stick stuff up the rectum enough, and it won't go back to its original size, hence the insult "gaping asshole". Just don't go there people - it's filthy and it's dangerous for your health

  • Bella on 02 Mar 20:25

    Anal sex is complicated, messy, and can be very painful. It surprises me somewhat to know that porn is making the ass the new vagina and creating a normalcy around it, like this is everyday sex. I've also heard men talking about anal sex as a conquest, and turning women into wanting it even when they say they don't. Like it's a game or a mission instead of a compassionate, loving action. It can also damage the colon, anus, and cause problems for the woman. The way it is shown in most porn, there is no lube, no warm up, it looks like woman are being harmed, not pleasured.

  • Keith on 11 Sep 18:35

    This is the great assumption of porn ... i.e. that all woman will "take it anywhere" and will always enjoy it. Cr@p.

  • Tyler on 08 Sep 14:48

    I almost detest the idea unless my partner is into it then I might consider but even then I don't know.

  • borgqueen63 on 06 Sep 18:13

    The trick to this is to ask for it if you want it. If you are a man and like pegging ask your partner if they would be willing to give it a try. If you are a woman and don't want it be sure you say so. Don't go along with something you don't want. Simple honesty and trust goes a long way between partners whether its one or many.

  • Cougar, PhD. on 16 Aug 00:07

    This is bullshit painful and nasty! I won't do it! I won't cum. I feel like I am bleeding/shitting on you.There are so many other tasty sexual endeavors, why the butthole--really? Not for me. YOU FIRST.

  • Misbehave on 15 Aug 21:17

    The fact there are actually people on here saying anal sex with one man and one woman (not two men) is closer to homosexuality, is silly. Are you sticking your penis in a guy's anus? Nope. Is it your female partner you're wanting to penetrate, either vaginally or anally? Yup, so wanting to make love to your female partner, as a male, makes you gay? Even if your female partner was to "peg" her male partner, or give him a prostate massage (male g-spot) doesn't make him gay, it's still one male one female.

  • AselinRoz on 15 Aug 11:05

    I suffered physical trama from this years ago. So, when engaging a new partner I tell them before the heat of the moment arrives because I know once the cock is on the ears are off. Sometimes I whisper it and sometimes I just have a bold conversation that goes something like this: Me: I'm totally looking forward to having sex with you but I have just a couple of rules before we start. 1. If you stick something in my ass, I will stick something in yours. Remember, it's a funnel not a tunnel. We are not mining anything back there so stay out or I am liable to hurt you. 2. You can jiz in your condom, a towel, your hand, my back or stomach but don't do it in my face or hair. If it's a blow job I'll signal you if its okay to come in my mouth because sometimes I'm just not in the mood. Don't let a great blow job become a very quick snow blow. That's about it. If you have any questions, ask! If you're not sure, ask!

  • rsmith on 15 Aug 03:24

    I have no desire to try anal sex. I don't even like having my ass lick. Just gross!

  • suzy on 14 Aug 22:05

    Nope...fortunately no guy has ever suggested it.

  • Jennifer on 14 Aug 11:36

    Men think women enjoy it cause its very sexually stimulating for a man to have anal performed on them. See to milk a man's prostate you have to go through the anus. Its a man's p-spot orgasim.

  • ana on 14 Aug 11:26

    I have on occasion, liked it. More often than not, I say no, it's ok though, my partner is not that bothered, and we have good and bad sex as and when we want to.

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