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  • vitoria on 26 Jul 09:02

    I am a woman, and I know that woman can't come thanks to penetration and that the clitoris is not a part of it, having a dick in our vagina only, won't make us come. capisce ? the penis rubbing on the inside part on our clitoris (because YES there's a part of the clitoris inside our vagina) will make us have an orgasm, sometimes you men don't rub that part and that's why women fake their orgasm. the clit is everything.

  • Kiki baby on 25 Jul 16:08


  • Emilien on 25 Jul 07:35

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  • Fausto on 23 Jul 12:15


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  • Connor on 23 Jul 06:35

    1, 2, 3 nous irons au bois ...

  • Azerty on 23 Jul 03:33


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  • Pablo Rodriguez on 23 Jul 01:54

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  • Geoffrey on 22 Jul 09:22

    This is not true. Beside the clitoral orgasm there is the vaginal orgasm, which can be reached by penetration without beeing anywhere near the clit. Also, as mentioned from another contributor, some women even come from stimulation of the breasts.

  • Livvy on 21 Jul 15:43

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  • Mila on 18 Jul 23:16


  • Sean on 15 Jul 11:01

    That's not true... Not in all cases. That really is amiss. As has been discussed before, some women can come by simply stroking of the breasts. You say "all" people are different then make a sweeping generalisation in respect of orgasms... makes no sense?

  • Drgvb on 05 Jul 01:47

    This is rubbish. "has to be there"... If this site wants to be ahead rubbish like this must be fixed.

  • reneeob on 04 Jul 07:29

    some women report vaginal orgasm...i have them in my sleep, they wake me up. but for the most part i agree. most women in porn are likely faking. where as we see men come all the time.

  • manito on 02 Jul 22:38

    Real love not for sale

  • Craig on 30 Jun 06:54

    This is not entirely true. My wife and I were sitting in jacuzzi over the weekend and just hanging out. We were not talking about anything sexual yet suddenly she got this urge and started cumming. Granted when this started she immediately jumped in my lap and came about 8-10 times over th.e next few minutes. No penetration, fingering etc. This is not the only time either. We were out dancing a few weeks ago. We started dancing sensuously...not grinding on my leg. I gently moved energy about our bodies with my hands yet did not physically touch her. She only came once in this situation. We talked about it afterward and she didn't realize I was moving the energy about and he actually wondered why she orgasmed. Oh...we do practice Tantra.

  • Robert13 on 27 Jun 21:17

    I agree that most women need clitoral contact to be able to come; however a number of women that I have known can come if their breasts and nipples are given enough of the right attention.

  • Fernando on 26 Jun 22:09


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  • chad on 14 Jun 09:39

    This is so very very wrong women have orgasms that they can have without and actual touching of anywhere a woman can have an orgasm simply by thought women can fantasies and mentally have a orgasm that is a real orgasm very disappointed that thier is obviously no research done before posting your facts

  • Anish on 11 Jun 08:18


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  • Divyanshu on 09 Jun 22:28


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