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  • Chase on 27 Nov 05:47

    First time I've encountered the term rhythmic.

  • Billy on 21 Nov 20:11

    Just interrested in real sex instead of fake love/porn

  • jaliya on 21 Nov 04:27

    Hey guys make love

  • Buster on 17 Nov 18:54

    Well I was interested but bam hit the 3rd one and it's completely inaccurate. I've made my partner have an orgasm multiple times without any contact or pressure on or around the clit. We've successfully done it without any penetration or fingering or tongue. Just me behind her, biting her shoulders & neck and squeezing her breasts and such. My cock against her back or thigh and that was enough to send her over the edge. LOTS of mental stimulation and physical stimulation on other parts of the body - but nothing around the clit. This has been documented many other times by other talks and papers too, so I'm really not sure why this was so blunt that "it has to be there" - because that's just simply not true.

  • Pete on 13 Nov 21:07

    This statement is unfortunately 100% false. Some women can come without any physical stimulus or from something as unrelated to the clit as brushing their teeth. Watch the ted talk ten things you didn't know about orgasm for more info. I am in full support of the message of this site and what its trying to do and wish you all the best in delivering balanced material.

  • Pussy slayer on 11 Nov 05:17


  • Just Me on 09 Nov 14:39

    This is not entirely true as a stand alone statement in my experience. There are innumerable times I have brought my partner/s to orgasm vaginally without pressure in any way on the clitoris. It's part of the fun debunking the generally accepted statement. However it is a sad truth that the MAJORITY are unable to orgasm through penetrative actions alone. But, also in my experience, once they HAVE, they can be brought there again, constantly. It comes down to understanding the physiology and focusing on MUTUAL pleasure, not just ones own.

  • Wangman on 08 Nov 21:14


  • Arose927 on 06 Nov 23:52

    After reading some of the comments on here, I appreciate my boyfriend so much more. He and I both want to give pleasure to each other and aren't selfish during sex. Our fore play can last for days, and that is absolutely amazing.

  • Jessi on 24 Oct 19:42

    I am learning to orgasm through penetration alone and the main thing that matters for me is how long my bf last before he comes. The Gspot requires continuous and lengthy stimulation to even become ready to orgasm yet most men that I've encountered don't last more than 5 mins once inside. Luckily for me, my bf lasts longer than my previous encounters. Sadly, I have only climaxed solely with my vibrator while alone. On another note, I've witnessed the effect of porn and hard core porn on my bf "love-making" preferences. The only good thing about it is that he last long enough for me.. Other than that sex is typical.. I get him up (only when he initiates, I get rejected almost ever time) and he pounds his c into my dry p and pounds away with my legs always up until he comes. These scenarios lack so much and it's a shame because we are capable of connecting on a totally different level if only we were both interested to each others pleasure.

  • Punani on 24 Oct 09:34


  • basil on 22 Oct 17:34

    i would like to join this site as a member

  • Angelina on 19 Oct 07:34


  • Ness on 18 Oct 18:47


  • Laura on 10 Oct 20:40

    I have been with my boyfriend for 5 months, and he always wants his penis sucked, and is lazy. Even if we have intercourse, I have to be the one on top. He usually likes to watch porn, and look at naked pictures while I give oral sex. He has not one time given me oral sex, or even attempted to do so. He always talks about having another woman in our bed,and then talks about everything he wants. When we are out, he is always eyeing up other women.I just want a guy who is totally in to me. We do not even have romantic kisses.He sits in his man cave on the computer while I am upstairs. I am no longer interested in him,and will probably leave. He has totally turned me off. He is always jerkng off watching porn in his cave.I was not with anyone for along time, and now I would rather be alone then be with him. He is even worse when he gets sloppy drunk !! He is very in to his self. He thinks he is a gift to all women, Always just talks about his self. I have heard the same stories everyday day for 5 months, He is disgusting !!!

  • Pgh Jim on 03 Oct 12:42

    I am always surprised by lazy men. There is so much good information out there for them to learn from and having sex with a really turned on women is the best experience. Yes, clitoral pressure is almost always needed, but foreplay can start first thing in the morning for sex that night.

  • Dafney on 03 Oct 03:49

    listen guys, no clit action, your just doing yourself. Sorry, angry from too much of this, seriously though even just arousing her through her pants will give you mant more rewards.

  • Jim on 28 Sep 11:51

    I agree totally. A lot of men simply imitate what they see happening in porn which accounts for the face that only 15 percent of women can achieve orgasm from vaginal penetration alone according to some estimates. I consider that criminal.

  • David on 20 Sep 03:09

    Very nice !

  • Vobuuu on 18 Sep 18:45

    Be yourself

  • krek on 18 Sep 12:30

    i love this

  • Big C on 10 Sep 16:04

    is that really true

  • lijinliang on 09 Sep 06:13

    i love real sex.

  • Raf on 06 Sep 07:42


  • Reginacooper on 01 Sep 11:42

    Can't wait to see how this works out

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