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  • Steff on 19 May 14:41

    THANK YOU !!

  • suze on 17 May 16:13

    Not all women need clit stimulation. I know I am not the "norm" but, I do cum easily and often and from a variety things, including the "in-out-in-out rabbit fucking" mentioned below. It's actually one of my favorites. Now, combine that "rabbit fucking" with clitoral stimulation and you've hit the jackpot! But that's me. So, ya, not all women MUST have clit stimulation to have an orgasm.

  • ck123 on 14 May 14:51

    the best

  • oscar on 04 May 04:14

    Es lo mejor. 💯 expontaneo

  • oscar on 04 May 04:14

    The Best

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  • Jairo on 03 May 21:13

    Me gusta el tema

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  • yanjingjing on 03 May 05:56

    I really like this web!

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  • mel on 19 Apr 15:33

    This is not true. Don't make sweeping generalisations, or assume all women are just like you.

  • kopac on 19 Apr 03:10


  • Nty on 18 Apr 20:08

    Well, there are women who can come without clit stimulation, but they are *extremely* few. You're right that the vast majority of women need clit stimulation to come, and it takes a lot of finesse to do so, not just pushing or rubbing.

  • bosssmrda on 18 Apr 08:01


  • QCDELICIOUS on 15 Apr 21:34

    REALLY? what about clitoral or and vaginal??? make a difference? Just very recently I only thought that too until I discovered four other kinds of orgasm... I truly believe it didn't my bad....Sure glad I found the right partner to change my belief ( oh and some... no where near the clit)

  • LIsa on 15 Apr 18:50

    I am always shocked about how less people know about the female anatomy. 1. Yes, the clit is more than just this little knubble. But there the feeling is the strongest and MOST women do not come without stimulating it. (I don't say all.) 2. There is only ONE orgasm. It feels different, though, to have a vaginal orgasm - but I don't feel it's any better. CLIT for life! :D

  • Bea on 15 Apr 18:45

    THANKS for this statement! It makes me so angry that men always think f'ckin like a rabbit "out-in-out-in-out-in" is that interesting for a woman. Please SHARE this statement! And you are right, some women do not need stimulation of the clit. But I speak of MOST of us!! (And don't leave a comment if you are a single man, sitting alone at home, watching porn and never having sex with a real woman. Keep watching. I am doing it too. Keep your eyes shut. Dream of your perfect porn star who is wet like ... and moans all of the time. But do not think it will ever come to real, passionate sex with a stunning woman if you do not recognize the difference between Porn and real sex)

  • gox on 15 Apr 16:08


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  • asdasdas on 15 Apr 11:25


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