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  • TOBY on 31 Mar 05:22


  • John smoth on 27 Mar 21:24

    I think porn is absolutely horrible it shouldn't exist

  • Thomas on 24 Mar 20:54

    Love it

  • LJ on 23 Mar 23:30


  • KW on 22 Mar 01:49

    This makes me feel so relieved. I guess I've always felt ashamed for wanting/needing clitoral stimulation...

  • Magbeth on 17 Mar 17:19

    There surely does...

  • lag on 17 Mar 11:05


  • Tony on 16 Mar 03:13

    Quite right

  • lmk on 15 Mar 08:09


  • lmk on 15 Mar 08:09


  • lmk on 15 Mar 08:09


  • Lani on 13 Mar 17:15

    As Paula and others point out, this slide is wrong in so many ways. Not all women need rhythmic external clitoral stimulation to come. First, most of the clitoris is internal, along the sides of the vagina, under the labia and penetration can stimulate those parts of the clitoris even if if the external tip of the clitoris is not stimulated, and there are many other kind of orgasms, including g-spot.

  • wow on 13 Mar 10:52


  • paula on 06 Mar 05:03

    The clitoris is not just the little nub that you can see, it has two crura, or legs, that go down on each side of the vagina, and so even "vaginal orgasms" still have the clitoris involved. Go on your browser and search "internal clitoris" or "MRI of clitoris". And yes, the mind is a large part of orgasms. I'm one of those women who can come from being talked dirty to, or thinking about something erotic, or reading something erotic. I know that's not all that common...but yay me!

  • cody on 22 Feb 17:25

    ahh im here to get porn outa my head

  • J R in WV on 18 Feb 23:14

    Back in 1968-69-70 I was young and in college with so many aware people. One afternoon I was with two friends, a guy and a girl, and she was tense, so we started massaging her shoulders (me) and her feet (the other guy) which she loved very much. We were all young and strong, so we were able to keep loosening her muscles and rubbind gently for as long as she enjoyed it. After a while she started moaning softly, and squirming a little on the bed between us. So we began encouraging her to relax and let whatever happen. Eventually she actually had a long slow gentle orgasm, just from having a long gentle massage with close friends she trusted. I haven't seen any of those folks for more than 40 years, but I hope they're both still doing well and have a great life.

  • S on 23 Sep 10:28

    Well, in my case, I can come without stimulating the clit. If my partner has hours for that.... Which is not the case. It usually speeds up the process (we are not taking any fancy stuff, thx), but the best thing is having an orgasm through clit stimulation first, then proceed with the "rest", and I can have some multiple orgasms there within short time. It is really good to take the female to the plateau (where most males are after some short stimulation - we learnt that on biology class...), and continue together from similar excitement level. Works for us. :)

  • Jerry on 22 Sep 22:40

    There are so many other ways to create an orgasm: 1. The Clitoral Orgasm 2. The Vaginal Orgasm 3. The G-Spot Orgasm 4. Squirting Orgasm (Female Ejaculation) 5. The A–Spot Orgasm (The Anterior Fornix Orgasm) 6. The Deep Spot Orgasm (The Posterior Fornix Orgasm) 7. The U-Spot Orgasm 8. The Breast Orgasm (By caressing the breasts and stimulating the nipples) 9. The Oral Orgasm (By stimulating the mouth and lips) 10. The Skin Orgasm (By sensual massage) 11. The Mental Orgasm (By erotic writing, sxting, messages, intructions, roleplay, verbal stimulation)

  • know my body on 21 Sep 19:09

    maybe for some women that's the only way they can cum. I personally can have an orgasm from vaginal sex. the clit no where involved

  • gp on 21 Sep 18:42

    I have no trouble having a non clitoral orgasm. I orgasm from penetration. Women also ejaculate and not necessarily from clitoral stimulation.

  • HotMama on 21 Sep 18:38

    This is not at all true for me. I come with just vaginal stimulation, with a combination of clit/vaginal stimulation, or just clit stimulation. I appreciate what you're doing here, but on this you are definitely generalizing women's bodies and ability to achieve orgasm, which I think defeats the purpose.

  • Sandra Molnar on 18 Sep 06:48

    If you read Masters and Johnson you will discover that this is an error. Many women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm but not all do. Some woman can have one by touching their own breasts. Some by just thinking about it although I don't know how they can show that in a porn movie.

  • degi on 12 Sep 12:03

    The women can come just from nipple stimulation are the 2% of ala the women in the world...

  • Bear on 11 Sep 18:30

    It said: anywhere near the clit! If the G-spot isn't anywhere NEAR the clitoris then I need to get back to med school...

  • Tyler on 08 Sep 14:46

    Because I've done research into how to make a woman cum I've learned the how and I've made my partner cum a few times but I still have yet to figure out how to do it consistently.

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