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  • Gypz on 02 Jul 10:46

    Physical orgasm is fine, actually very nice but it must be derived from self or with the partner that is willing to give and not take. Mental orgasm is incredible and to achieve both at the same time is worthy of the time and effort.

  • kitty on 20 Jun 22:51

    I disagree..a woman can orgasm either by clit or im with porn world fact if a clit is enlarged during sex a woman doesnt want it touched as its too delicate

  • saragilliam2 on 14 Jun 01:15

    please, trying to get to the bottom of this.

  • khalekul on 12 Jun 08:46

    i love this site and sex

  • D. M. Mitchell on 06 Jun 02:39

    My second wife could and did have orgasms from anal sex in both the "missionary" and "doggy" positions.

  • shuye on 03 Jun 11:21


  • shuye on 03 Jun 11:21


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  • Maia Juvanc on 28 May 13:15

    I am always amazed by this supposition, that women come in porn vids. I've never seen a woman orgasm in a porn video...never. It is usually aggressive penetration without attraction or genuine feeling. What am I doing wrong, am I missing some important percentage of porn somewhere on the web?

  • Steff on 19 May 14:41

    THANK YOU !!

  • suze on 17 May 16:13

    Not all women need clit stimulation. I know I am not the "norm" but, I do cum easily and often and from a variety things, including the "in-out-in-out rabbit fucking" mentioned below. It's actually one of my favorites. Now, combine that "rabbit fucking" with clitoral stimulation and you've hit the jackpot! But that's me. So, ya, not all women MUST have clit stimulation to have an orgasm.

  • ck123 on 14 May 14:51

    the best

  • oscar on 04 May 04:14

    Es lo mejor. 💯 expontaneo

  • oscar on 04 May 04:14

    The Best

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  • Jairo on 03 May 21:13

    Me gusta el tema

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  • yanjingjing on 03 May 05:56

    I really like this web!

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