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  • GreatOne on 23 May 19:30

    yeaq, great thing

  • zencen on 18 May 08:23


  • Robert on 17 May 04:49


  • mathew on 14 May 15:27

    what about g spot orgasms or cervical......or if somone gets an orgasm from nipple play?

  • sd5645 on 10 May 08:04


  • sd5645 on 10 May 08:04


  • sd5645 on 10 May 08:04


  • Rose on 08 May 15:50


  • Troy on 06 May 04:14

    And if you do it Right she will Squirt all over its Great

  • Alex on 06 May 02:59


  • M on 01 May 22:44

    I'm a girl and I have always said that porn is 100% acting because - as a girl - I KNOW that the clit or the G spot always need to be stimulated somehow. Some positions are just too hardcore to make a girl feel anything at all. You can clearly see that they are faking it! Guys should watch porn with their girls and comment it together in order to fully understand what sex is like.

  • Calvin on 01 May 01:52

    Ahhh refreshing!

  • Pepe on 29 Apr 14:02


  • Sam McCrory on 26 Apr 00:40

    I just read the bit about the clit needing stimulation in order for a girl to cum. I happen to know that this is not true. There are two types of orgasms: vaginal and clitoral. You can help the vaginal along with a tiny bit of clitoral stimulation, but too much will actually prevent the vaginal orgasm. Anyways, please correct this.

  • Kyle on 15 Apr 12:14

    I see they want to filter comments that are dismissive of their pet theories as I just discovered when trying to comment how wrong this "fact" is. Well done. Provide misinformation then censor dissenting opinion.

  • Petra on 04 Apr 21:14

    Hello boys and girls

  • Andrei on 04 Apr 03:47

    Don't have experience with this, just wanted to share: when a cat licks my fingers, I get excited and laugh / scream (adult male, straight, virgin, sensitive)

  • srikanth on 27 Mar 04:26


  • Bobthenailer on 25 Mar 05:26

    If clitoral stimulation is needed for female orgasm, what is the best way to do this? Should I direct my penis to the upper part of the vagina, rubbing against the clit, in order for the female partner to achieve orgasm? When, during sex, should I do this? From the get go? Or more toward the end? Also, in giving a woman oral sex, at what point should the male direct the tongue in search of the clit? At the beginning and during, or at the end? Is the clit located in the upper part of the chamber? Will it be obvious when I find it (with tongue). Thanks for replies.

  • Ag97 on 05 Mar 13:16


  • Lisa Lisa on 24 Feb 09:58

    Some women, like myself can come from just sucking my husband's dick. No clitoral stimulation there.

  • Maria on 21 Feb 23:05

    That's not true for me. I actually can come without stimulation at my clit. Stimulation on my g-spot also works quite well.

  • MP on 27 Jan 10:29

    That's the reason giving oral should give multiple orgasms before even thinking of making love.

  • Dazmon on 27 Jan 09:46


  • J on 24 Jan 06:02

    Joyous cream

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