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  • Pgh Jim on 03 Oct 12:42

    I am always surprised by lazy men. There is so much good information out there for them to learn from and having sex with a really turned on women is the best experience. Yes, clitoral pressure is almost always needed, but foreplay can start first thing in the morning for sex that night.

  • Dafney on 03 Oct 03:49

    listen guys, no clit action, your just doing yourself. Sorry, angry from too much of this, seriously though even just arousing her through her pants will give you mant more rewards.

  • Jim on 28 Sep 11:51

    I agree totally. A lot of men simply imitate what they see happening in porn which accounts for the face that only 15 percent of women can achieve orgasm from vaginal penetration alone according to some estimates. I consider that criminal.

  • David on 20 Sep 03:09

    Very nice !

  • Vobuuu on 18 Sep 18:45

    Be yourself

  • krek on 18 Sep 12:30

    i love this

  • Big C on 10 Sep 16:04

    is that really true

  • lijinliang on 09 Sep 06:13

    i love real sex.

  • Raf on 06 Sep 07:42


  • Reginacooper on 01 Sep 11:42

    Can't wait to see how this works out

  • maureen13 on 31 Aug 08:04

    This is awesome. Saw the Tedtalk and the article in Elle. Very impressed and kind of curious to find out more. Thank you.

  • Brrreee on 29 Aug 05:06


  • zmaj on 28 Aug 13:48


  • desespera2 on 28 Aug 06:30


  • Dallas21 on 28 Aug 03:55

    Great show on HBO

  • Branja Junior on 25 Aug 19:47

    i love real sex.

  • westwest on 25 Aug 17:46


  • John on 23 Aug 07:38


  • Ceda on 23 Aug 01:00


  • Taylor on 07 Aug 01:03

    I want to see real stuff

  • MssKitten on 05 Aug 07:31

    90% of my orgasms are clitoris driven. tongue, finger, and vibrator. the greatest orgasm is when my boyfriend fingers my G, nipple clamps and vibrator on clit.

  • Pinky on 02 Aug 05:30


  • Thomas on 23 Jul 16:20

    This is outdated pseudo-science. Women can orgasm from the clitoris, vagina, or anus. I once dated a woman who came EXCLUSIVELY from anal penetration. :)

  • Nicole on 22 Jul 04:20

    Very rarely have I came without clit pressure but the few times I have where better than anything

  • Stef on 22 Jul 04:19

    Love this website, but this simply is not true. Many woman may find it easier to climax if there's pressure on the clit, but it's not essential.

Displaying comments 1 - 25 of 628 in total