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  • A M on 07 Apr 01:02

    What would it take to work for you? I'd like to join forces.

  • Damon on 30 Mar 02:35

    i want and like make love ,kissing~~huging~~i like it

  • Crystal on 26 Mar 09:25

    In my case, personally, it's clit stimulation or no orgasm. It amazes me how clueless some guys are >.<

  • fake,com on 23 Mar 01:45

    false. some women cum internally.

  • thekender on 19 Mar 04:55

    not at all true. I wouldn't even say "most" would be accurate... change it to "Many" and then I'll agree.

  • Emily on 11 Mar 21:04

    What about the g-spot? I can achieve orgasm from penetration.

  • Barbara on 08 Mar 23:44

    I'm very surprised to see this statement here. I can orgasm without clitoral simulation or pressure.

  • Natasha on 15 Feb 02:14

    This may not be true for 100% of women, but is true for most. Most women cannot achieve orgasm from penetration alone (in whatever hole they choose), without some clitoral stimulation as well. While there are some women who can achieve orgasm just by having their breasts stimulated or even just fantasy alone without any physical stimulation. This is amazing but rare.

  • Tyne on 07 Feb 03:48

    I have had orgasms without touching anything while fantasizing about what I want to be doing with someone or someones.

  • Louise on 03 Feb 20:02

    This is not true! I myself can orgasm without any contact on my clit. Granted it can be more difficult. This should definitely be changed to 'Most/a lot of women cannot come without having any clitoral stimulation' I'm also not sure how accurate it is to say it has to be rhythmic.

  • Lapi on 29 Jan 16:29

    I don't agree. I sometimes don't even want to be touched on clit (sometimes it is so hard it hurts) and if I'm properly turned on (mostly in my mind), I can come without it being touched, otherwise i prefer to be touched right before the orgasm. I cannot come if my nipples are not touched, for instance.

  • Lapi on 29 Jan 16:29

    I don't agree. I sometimes don't even want to be touched on clit (sometimes it is so hard it hurts) and if I'm properly turned on (mostly in my mind), I can come without it being touched, otherwise i prefer to be touched right before the orgasm. I cannot come if my nipples are not touched, for instance.

  • Sarah A on 28 Jan 18:05

    Yeah, seriously, just watched your TED and saw this and came to the website just to add my two cents to this myth. Yes, the myth is false. But the reality you offer instead is as well. Add me to the list of women who can testify based on first-hand experience (sexy dreams are enough for me). While it's great to debunk the gross misunderstanding that all women can get off easy as pie no matter what random configuration their partner is into, this makes it appear as though instead ALL women NEED direct clitoral stimulation to get off EVER at all, and while yes, some indeed do, this blanket statement only adds to the confusion.

  • ann anonymous on 28 Jan 00:08

    I think a lot of the commenters here watch too much porn, and believe it. I think it's mostly men posting. While it's possible to come from no genital contact at all, it's not the norm. I've had that happen twice in my life. The rest of the time, there has to be some clitoral stimulation or it just doesn't happen. I've discussed this with hundreds of women and this is the norm.

  • thomas on 22 Jan 16:08

    NOPE. My GF has had other kinds of orgasms (vaginal/g-spot) with no clitoral pressure at all

  • Liz on 17 Jan 02:12

    I am a woman who NEEDS clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

  • Woodstockgurl on 14 Jan 15:16

    Aside from this being completely false - are you even aware of the structure of the clit? It's not just a button, my friends. It's an organ stretching all the way around the vagina in a wishbone shape. Which means even if a woman DOES need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, it doesn't mean she needs to be hammered on the exposed part. Many women can orgasm from vaginal or anal penetration. Stop spreading this Freudian crap. I expected more from this site.

  • nylde on 12 Jan 15:12

    too true sister! tho from looking at the comments below, perhaps it is more true to say that this is the USUAL. some exceptional women might be able to come from vaginal sex if their g-spot is adequately stimulated, maybe...

  • Gabs on 09 Jan 03:31

    This is untrue. I can have an orgasm without any kind of stimulation whatsoever.

  • Sofia on 31 Dec 01:49

    Although there are even a case of a woman who could have orgasms brushing her teeth ( ) I think we can agree that this is not the most common way to go. The clit is the principal sex organ for those who have it ( ) and even so is almost always ignored or semi ignored in mainstream porn. [ The last site will also show that even intercourse "deal" with the clit (its bigger that it seems!). But, anyway, something like 70% of women can't achieve orgasm only with intercourse: . - I do know that the last one wasn't really a good source, be my guests for go looking for others... I'm not used to google things in English...]

  • kokAnnie on 22 Dec 07:15

    I have to disagree. Usually I need clit stimulation, but lately I don't necessarily. I agree that porn shows an unrealistic portrayal of orgasm (apparently it happens at the opportune time everytime?). Sometimes orgasm is difficult to achieve, while other times almost no stimulation is needed.. this blanket statement is useful as a thinking tool, but is not fact.

  • DRVS on 18 Dec 05:14

    Agreed with many other commentors: While it is entirely true that many, in fact most women need some form of clitoral stimulation to orgasm, and the porn industry gives a wildly inaccurate view of how many women need this and how much they need, there are a variety of exceptions, and so it should not be portrayed as a universal truth. Additionally, while it is probably unrealistic to include details such as this in such a short space, the internal clitoris is quite worth the research for anyone on the business of pleasuring women (or just curious as to how they work). Scarleteen has wonderfully complete resources on sexual anatomy with a view to pleasure rather than reproduction for those interested.

  • Katie on 14 Dec 18:17

    75 percent of women cannot come from penetration alone... but there are 25 percent of women who can come without clitoral stimulation. This should be amended...

  • R on 22 Nov 19:44

    This statement simply isn't true, Some women can come from purely penetrative sex. Please change this as it detracts from just how good the rest of this site is.

  • Leah on 22 Nov 17:18

    This is not true. Not only is that small nub not the whole clitoris, but some women are actually able to have orgasms through other means.

Displaying comments 1 - 25 of 515 in total