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  • S on 23 Sep 10:28

    Well, in my case, I can come without stimulating the clit. If my partner has hours for that.... Which is not the case. It usually speeds up the process (we are not taking any fancy stuff, thx), but the best thing is having an orgasm through clit stimulation first, then proceed with the "rest", and I can have some multiple orgasms there within short time. It is really good to take the female to the plateau (where most males are after some short stimulation - we learnt that on biology class...), and continue together from similar excitement level. Works for us. :)

  • Jerry on 22 Sep 22:40

    There are so many other ways to create an orgasm: 1. The Clitoral Orgasm 2. The Vaginal Orgasm 3. The G-Spot Orgasm 4. Squirting Orgasm (Female Ejaculation) 5. The A–Spot Orgasm (The Anterior Fornix Orgasm) 6. The Deep Spot Orgasm (The Posterior Fornix Orgasm) 7. The U-Spot Orgasm 8. The Breast Orgasm (By caressing the breasts and stimulating the nipples) 9. The Oral Orgasm (By stimulating the mouth and lips) 10. The Skin Orgasm (By sensual massage) 11. The Mental Orgasm (By erotic writing, sxting, messages, intructions, roleplay, verbal stimulation)

  • know my body on 21 Sep 19:09

    maybe for some women that's the only way they can cum. I personally can have an orgasm from vaginal sex. the clit no where involved

  • gp on 21 Sep 18:42

    I have no trouble having a non clitoral orgasm. I orgasm from penetration. Women also ejaculate and not necessarily from clitoral stimulation.

  • HotMama on 21 Sep 18:38

    This is not at all true for me. I come with just vaginal stimulation, with a combination of clit/vaginal stimulation, or just clit stimulation. I appreciate what you're doing here, but on this you are definitely generalizing women's bodies and ability to achieve orgasm, which I think defeats the purpose.

  • Sandra Molnar on 18 Sep 06:48

    If you read Masters and Johnson you will discover that this is an error. Many women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm but not all do. Some woman can have one by touching their own breasts. Some by just thinking about it although I don't know how they can show that in a porn movie.

  • degi on 12 Sep 12:03

    The women can come just from nipple stimulation are the 2% of ala the women in the world...

  • Bear on 11 Sep 18:30

    It said: anywhere near the clit! If the G-spot isn't anywhere NEAR the clitoris then I need to get back to med school...

  • Tyler on 08 Sep 14:46

    Because I've done research into how to make a woman cum I've learned the how and I've made my partner cum a few times but I still have yet to figure out how to do it consistently.

  • Sexonacid on 08 Sep 04:28

    Not true at all!!!! Just had sex with my lady friend today and we were in a position in which there was no clitoral stimulation and oh she and I both had wonderful orgasms....I've had other lovers who could climax from anal. This claim is FALSE!!!

  • Katie on 07 Sep 15:05

    I can have an orgasm with or without direct clitoral stimulation; however, clitoral orgasms are more intense and bring a great deal more satisfaction. I am also amazed at how clueless most men of any age are regarding how the female body works.

  • awakensage on 07 Sep 14:13

    internal stimulation can give a more amazing come. sometimes, if the partner don't know how to feed the feeling or do some rough massage with the clit, it hurts and makes their partner lose the track. making a woman come is as easy as it is difficult. :) anyway, it needs love and some skills.

  • Borgqueen63 on 06 Sep 18:10

    Curiously, yes. Even when a woman says she is having a g-spot orgasm she is in fact having clitoral stimulation. So if one thinks of the vulva and vagina as being interconnected by many rubber bands that can be plucked or pushed in such a way as to stimulate the clit then orgasm is possible. Deep penetration pulls against these "rubber bands" and in some women will encourage orgasm. The one thing that i have seen that still baffles me is women who orgasm from their minds. What an amazing thing. That i cannot explain with rubber band theory at all. So that leads me to believe that the mind is the largest sex organ we have. To all my sisters who can do this my hat is off to you:)

  • Kristin Galaxy on 31 Aug 23:28

    The "G Spot" is a god damn myth! Any woman who says she has one is lying because she has been taught if she doesn't have one then she is broken. I understand why the myth exists, men want to think they can pleasure a woman by doing what feels the most pleasurable for men, I don't blame them I wish that too. But think about it,, if there was some kind of hidden pleasure sensor spot inside your vagina, what the hell do you think is going to happen to it once you have a baby? It will be ripped to shreds. It's on the outside of your body far away from the baby hole where you can easily pleasure yourself without having to rely on a foreign object to insert inside of you.

  • Lindz on 17 Aug 17:29

    Oh...oh my..... not true at all. Orgasm can be reached in a variety of ways not exclusively through clitoral stimulation :/

  • DK on 16 Aug 17:34

    I personally thought that something was wrong with me because I can't cum unless I have clitoral stimulation. I find it frustrating that men seem to feel like they are not pleasing me unless they can vaginally give me an orgasm. I have tried to teach, instruct and reassure and have so far gotten nowhere.

  • Cougar, PhD on 16 Aug 00:05

    I am multi-orgasmic on the clit or inside on the g-spot. But pornos often portray women who cum everywhere no matter what's going on--which is all male ego-dominated fantasy. But that's all it is--a fantasy. It bothers me to think that women would be pressured to fake an orgasm just to satisfy a man's ego. I was like that in my early sexual pre-genuine-orgasm days. All those wasted years!

  • SRB on 15 Aug 23:15

    I concur with several of the comments here. I was in a long term relationship with a woman whose clit wasn't sensitive at all, and the last woman I made love with had a rather profound orgasm from breast stimulation. A long time ago, I was with a woman who claimed to be able to come from having the small of her back or the nape of her neck stroked rhythmically, but I suspect she may have been faking it a bit.

  • Gq9fig on 15 Aug 20:25

    I believe everyone is saying the same thing. Essentially research shows that "internal" or "vaginal" or even "g-spot" orgasms all stem from the clit. The clit has an easy to spot physical location, but the nerve endings also travel inside the vagina.

  • Mandy on 15 Aug 19:17

    I've managed to achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation, but not often. The angle has to be juuuuuust right for me, but it's possible.

  • eleanor on 15 Aug 15:04

    true for most women but not all. i'm very fortunate to just need a position that is fun and exciting to me and the mental intensity of the moment.

  • me on 15 Aug 01:53

    Ummm true for some, but not all. I come off pure penetration and too much clit action for me makes me swell. Partners have told me that it's very rare, but all I care about is that I can cum. lol!

  • suzy on 14 Aug 22:04

    I knew a guy who kept trying to get me to come trying all sort so of odd tricks...really???? The clit is it buddy.

  • Velma on 14 Aug 12:48

    It is true that there are SOME women that can achieve climax without stimulation of the clitoris but by stimulating other body parts such as nipples of the vagina itself. This is however not true for most women and unless you are already aware that the women you are having sex with can you shouldn't expect them to come without stimulation to clitoris.

  • sheila on 14 Aug 11:08

    I wish they would teach men this because so many men think that women do come vaginally and even anally. Women should also just stop faking it.

Displaying comments 1 - 25 of 534 in total